The Sassy Family

Mashal & Aamer, the daughter and father duo are the ones who started this brand

Mashal is a graduate from Univ. Of Toronto  and a mum of two. And despite having her hands and heart full, she has effortlessly stepped up to spearheading The SASSY Store and actually made it look easy!

Aamer on the other hand has years of retail experience under his belt. Raised by a single mother and partnered with a confident 1st born, he is all but convinced that the future belongs to women, especially his daughter and grand daughter.

The daughter and Father duo  joined hands to not just create a brand, but nurture an ideology and reach out to the glorious girl population!

With SASSY, they are not just pushing new fashion trends, but also a message to every single girl: love yourself and celebrate who you are every single day!