About Us

We at The Sassy Store are an online boutique that curates fashion. We do not have a store presence since our retail space is the Internet; technology being our key strategy to gather everyone together. Powered and driven by females, the Sassy brand philosophy is all about asserting individuality and freedom.

We as a brand want to challenge the existing narrative of female fashion by rebelling against the norms of what is accepted and expected. The idea behind curating this brand is to nurture a culture of acceptance, creativity and diversity in fashion. Our outfits are fluid and open to interpretation of our Sassy patrons. Sassy per se is not just a brand but also a state of mind; which is the vibe we wish to extend to all our public engagements as well: they will be immersive experiences that urge the customer to reexamine the existing attitude towards women and their sartorial preferences.

The Sassy Store hopes to translate the thought process of the flourishing millennial. We want them to feel engaged and understood which is why the tools we use and the strategies we employ are by the young, for the young. Our entire digital campaign has essentially been a series of impromptu sessions shot on the iPhone, in the city, thus proving, that passion and creativity will always trump big budgets and heavy names.